Hi, welcome to my very little page about Freevo

News form february 2017

I just rediscovered this page on my computer. I'm sorry to disapoint you,i but the whole informations, carefully collected and checked at the time, are a little old now. I just see that all files are from 2007 (ten years old...). I went in the process of removing this whole stuf, but, surprinsingly, there are still some real connections (not only robots). So I let all in place (for now), but be warned : my last freevo box (the second after the picture you can see here) burns at least 5 years ago !
I'm not totally sure that all links still work :) Beside that, happy freevoing !

I'm a very new fan of Freevo. Frevo is a Linux HTPC software, who permit to transform a very old blaterred computer into a vonderful Home Theater PC !

This page is build with the design of the freevo web interface (Someone could say : a poor copy :-) ). It was build in a very short time. I dont want (nor be able) to create a reference page for freevo. I only did this page to put some personal experience about Freevo.

Another point : I'm French, and my English could be better :-) But, due to the fact that there are more english readers than french readers in the freevo fan club, I write in English (or 'nearly English' !)

If you want to learn more about freevo (and you are willing to, I'm sure), here are some links :

Freevo Main Page

The french page who let me discover freevo

One (The ?) french freevo forum (speaks also about mythtv another Linux HTPC and xmltv, a tool to retrieve TV Programs on the net)

A very interesting page about using a 16:9 display with freevo (Not tested yet)

You can also find a page explaining how I configured my PVR-350 on my freevo HTPC.

Finally, a picture of my Freevo Box (Yes, we also own a WII :-) )
My freevo Box

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